here are a few recent gems:

diary of a 24-hour dive bar
(named one of eater's 15 best longform food stories of 2014)
drinking through disney world
swimming with montana's magical tiki mermaids
the life and death of the american pool hall
drinking at the gates of the redneck riviera

rolling with the wine krewe at mardi gras
inside nashville's dueling karaoke scene
hot damn! drinking and dancing in the heart of cajun country
fast booze nation
from bali h'ai to bourbon street: tiki culture in new orleans

the real boozewives
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bright lights, big easy
dispatch: in hong kong, a coffee shop unplugs
the most important meal of the day is poetry
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modern farmer
looking for pie in all the wrong places
the man who brought hemp to kentucky
rock stars of the bug world
braying for battle: the love affair between donkeys and the military
how to raise monarch butterflies
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eater national
can a return to winemaking save kentucky's soul?
how bone broth got its early start from beef tea in the 1800s

vintage soda brand "original new york seltzer" is making a comeback

how mountain dew came to perpetuate a deep-seated appalachian stereotype
how cow's milk went from basic beverage to dismissed drink
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first we feast
a brief history of food queens
tackling the smoking ban in new orleans
inside the new orlans banh mi revolution
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lucky peach
fruit by the foot

medium: re:form
ghosts of fast food past

bitter southerner
the bitter southerner no. 4

live from the treasure chest casino

the atlantic
i don't have a baby, but i'm obsessed with baby names

vice: munchies
kfc's prom corsage is as bad as it sounds
i didn't get heartburn at the tabasco factory
tom and jerry is eggnog's steamy cousin
how i run the only non-christmas christmas bar in america

vignettes: a view into a life

booze crews: dispatches from tales of the cocktail
making the case for huckabucks
the history and allure of the hand pie
BBQ without the BBQ: the secret to new orleans' barbecue shrimp
tips and tricks from southern barbecue experts
a field guide to southern sodas
beyond casserole: mapping the country's funeral foods
(nationally syndicated)

the gambit
new orleans' "third wave" coffee revolution

looking for food in all the weird places

dining year in review: 2014 superlatives
review: oxalis
review: sneaky pickle
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bitch magazine
an ode to dolly parton feminism

sterotypes of appalachia obscure a diverse picture

cnn's eatocracy
bluegrass bites: kentucky hot brown

serious eats
"know your sweets" series

edible new orleans
dead zones must die

additionally, my first book, kentucky sweets, was released in february 2014.

it made southern living's "hot list" + kentucky for kentucky threw a big party for it + it was an amazon "hot new release" cookbook + deep south magazine, southern food and beverage museum, garden and gun, times-picyaune, courier journal, lexington herald leader, gambit, leo weekly, saveur, and more have all said it's swell. check it out here.

(also, for grins, here i am on a morning show, making a blackberry cobbler; here i am in the courier-journal being a doughnut expert; here i am weighing in on jazzfest food in southern living.)